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Tired of Luna?


Now, on the matter:


Everyone using the Windows eXPerience SP2 operating system(OS) gets


frustrated after using the same old default WinXP Visual Styles(aka Themes) – the famous Luna VS. So, here are a few alternatives(keep in mind that you`re using them at your risk!):


  1. Try other themes from Microsoft

aka one from the Energy Blue (Thanks again, Wikipedia!) series :




Energy Blue desktop, featuring the new Royale theme. Royale Noir theme desktop.


Zune theme desktop, featuring the new orange start button.


2. Using hacking tools to use non-Microsoft created VSs(Thanks again, Google search! 😀 ):


I wish you luck and success in the noble war to customize your Desktop experience! 😀 🙂


If not, Googling will probably do the trick!


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