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What can you do when you`re bored…

Start working on something new that you like and enjoy doing, of course. 😀

Here`s an example from me. I wasn`t in a great mood, so I took the following picture, which I have a made a while ago with Paint.NET(it looks a lot like water):

water ripples_by_Sah War

and I played with it using Paint.NET[i] and some thirdy-party plugins for it. And here`s the result, which I posted on my deviantART profile:


So, don`t sit around doing nothing, but get something to do. You`ll feel and know that everything that you truly love doing is totally worth it! Good luck, my friends! 🙂

P.S. And if you`re still not convinced, then go outside and do something to get inspired, surf around the net, meet with friends, share overall…you can also visit deviantART.com to get inspired and to learn more about art. But eveything`s art, even science(accurate art about reality;meticulous;точни науки exact sciences)! 😀 😀 :p

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