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I’ll be back, eventually…

Sorry, this blog hasn’t seen worse days, yet I am constantly busy with my boring life to update it…
Still, I’m planning on being more active during summer 2009 since school won’t be a problem at that time.
As with any 11th grader, I’m also quite horrified by what my future holds, especially since i’m the one responsible for the choices that lead to it.
It’s a bit like paranoia but worse, maturity is eventually entering the equation… Exams required for university entry seem so hard to put up with, I hope that our generation will be able to cope with it.
After all, our present – the one in which we live now – is, in fact, the future of our past selves and our ancestors, so work today to build the future we crave for…

But enough about me, the future of reality, and humanity as part of it, is way more important and much of it depends on our pale human hands and our minds’ choices.
Let’s not disappoint the future generations, shall we? I think that we’re already accelerating an utopian future, be it dystopian or truly utopian…

We’re left with the promise of your minds to improve our human world by the means of scientific-technological, social-philosophical and literature progress. Be the change you wish to see in the world, as Ghandi put it. I’ll add or create/develop that paradigm shift that can enable the transition.

Ah, reality/nature/the universe truly is stranger than fiction, so we  have to stick to it if we want to survive and advance… Life is a matter of choice, at least for most modern humans, so use that single chance, take the opportunity, and make every endeavour you’re capable of to achieve the future. Only a combined effort can lead to success, though…
But no union is strong if it’s not made up of geniuses like every human who dares to follow his utopian dream goals… at all costs.

You can start right now by simply sharing your vision of the future with the rest of the world via a simple freely-hosted blog, which expresses your thoughts.

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