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MS Paint tricks, tips & hacks

MS Paint is a famous Windows built-in program, functioning as a basic image editor. It has been criticized numerous times for its lack of advanced features, yet it’s still relatively popular among pixel artists and casual users, mainly because of its simplicity. While Paint does lack many highly demanded features, it’s still good than nothing, plus it has some hidden features(tricks) which can easen the artists creative process.
Awesome tutorial, it’s really easy to follow and everything. 🙂

The highest resolution in MS Paint is x10, btw. 😎 To achieve that, simply enable the Grid(Ctrl+G), select the Magnifier tool, click on 8x button and then click the pixels directly below the border of that button.
You may need a couple of tries to get it right but once you succeed, if you go back to the Magnifier tool, none of the visible zoom options are selected, yet the grid shows you that you’ve zoomed in more than x8. 😉

See www.albinoblacksheep.com/tutorial/mspaint for an extensive list of tricks for MS Paint. I’m sure that it’ll be helpful for all of you pixel artists out there. 😀

Can’t get enough of Paint? Try Google or browse through inspirational pixel art(isometric, non-isometric, tiles, sprites, etc.) and pixel art tutorials from deviantART’s Pixel Art gallery.

P.S. I’m considering submitting a MS Paint Tricks tutorial on devART myself, featuring all the tricks I’ve found to date. 🙂
What do you think – should I go for it?

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