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STRANGE is under reforming

I am guilty of leaving this blog behind for quite some time and letting it remain in dust, rot but hopefully this will change. From today, what is known as С.Т.Р.А.Н.Н.О. aka S.T.R.A.N.G.E. is under renewal and I’m thinking of changing the name to a shorter, more original and easy to remember brand name.
Older, rubbish posts will be removed and unable to reach.

The focus of this blog will shift and will cover random topics, mainly concerning webdesign, free&open-source software, PC games and all sorts of Internet phenomena. Science, technology and bizarre events like Paranormal activities will also be featured. Again if it ever happens.

I’m thinking of shifting from the wonderful WordPress.com free hosting service to a full-featured hosting solution which will enable me to take advantage of the actual design and look of this WordPress-powered blog(plugins, CSS editing, etc) and to have a personal, original URL.

When will this happen? I’m not sure but it’ll follow my financial growth… I was thinking of something like The changes are due to take place in a time span starting from now to the end of 2009.
What if…? If nothing changes, then this blog will not be renewed or updated… The best thing for you to do is to take care of yourself, to develop yourself and forget about it.

P.S. Any suggestions, questions, comments or advice/critique(in English or Bulgarian)?
If you have the spare time and the enthusiasm, write me to apply as a co-author or comment below for the same purpose.

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