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Web banners and emoticons Resources

Ще споделя с вас свободни за употреба(в Интернет и навсякъде другаде) уеббанерчета. Намерени са в Internet, а някои от тях са и мои модификации. Използвайте ги, за да изразите подкрепата си към съответния браузър, емоция, програма и т.н. 🙂 😀 Here are my modifications:

Mozilla Firefox v2+or3 supported Opera 9.5+ supported За съжаление те не са много удобни, защото са доста големи.
Ето ги и останалите банерчета(ще добавям още с течение на времето):

Следват емотиконките. Между другото, ако искате можем да превърнем тази страница в библиотека за банерчета и емотикони събрани из Мрежата. Разбира се, повечето от  тях ще прадставляват изображение-линк/връзка към оригиналния му адрес, но поради ограничението от 3GB за потребители на WordPress.com това е разбираемо. Друг въпрос, който изплува е ДАЛИ да прилагаме кредит на уебсайта-източник на съответното изображение или не.

some emoticons via Fool`s Town-Smilies
some banners     via Kolizz.com
other images are from around the Web` stream 🙂

Emoticon Links – a quick reference

Greensmilies.com. All about smilies.
Els Topsis. Huge smilies and animated gifs collection. No hot linking allowed.
Fool`s town – all smiles
Ето няколко примера от чудесните му емотикони, в нова, по-позната светлина:

Aiwan`s KOLOBOK emoticons. Kolobok-styled(classic yellow) smilies and animated gifs collection. He also offers Kolobok Emote Packs.
Smileypad. New piece of Software for adding images directly into your MSN messages as you type them. Simply drag and drop from SmileyPad into the message and it appears instantly.

No messing around adding the images to your MSN internal library and you can add any image you want to your SmileyPad simply by drag and drop from the internet too.

The best thing about SmileyPad is that it is FREE! It is also completely free of spyware, adware or malware and does just what it says on the tin..

Kolobok.us. UBB-style smilies
Kebawe’s smilies. Not an ordinary work.
Millan.net. Original artist collection. Cute and funny
Smiles.ru. Big-n-friendly smilies collection
Animac.ru. Smilies, smilies and guess what? – smilies.
InDustReal. Small but very fine collection of smiley creator.
Mazeguy.net. One more cool collection of smiley creator.
Schildersmilies. Signs holders.
All Emoticons. Find your emoticons (emotion icons) for emails, chatting, message boards and documents here.
Websmileys.com. Free animated smilies and emoticons for use in emails and forums.
Click Smilies. Collection of free animated smilies, animated smiley and emoticons. Supports email, forums and boards.
Customize your Msn. Download emoticons/smileys to add to MSN messenger expecially v6.0. Display images available as well.
eLouai Smilies. A personal collection of expressive smilies drawn by artist. Also available are the „Instant Messenger“ smilies from Yahoo, AOL and MSN. Site includes a smiley face generator.
Emoinstaller. Provides extra emoticons that install themselves automatically into MSN Messenger for free.
Emoticons 4 U. Over 1200 emoticons and smileys for use in emails and forums.
Emoticons for Messenger. Free emoticons for use in MSN Messenger and forums.
Emoticons4Us.com. Free emoticons, animations, egreetings, and backgrounds.
ESmileys. Collection of free smiley face graphics for use on ICQ, Yahoo, AIM and MSN. Tutorial on how to make smiley graphics.
Free MSN Emoticons. Collection of emoticons sorted by categories. Can be used with MSN Messenger.
Frost Jedi Graemlin Creator. Create smilies to share with friends.
Get MSN Emotions. A collection of emotions and smiley’s for MSN messenger.
Insanicons by Shady. Emoticons for the disturbed, original animated, twisted, and demented free emoticon/smiley collections with a horror/sci-fi twist.
Mess Emoticons. Free emoticons/ smilies for MSN Messenger, sorted into categories.
MSN Emotions. Custom made collection of emoticons and smileys.
MSN Pro. Collection of emoticons and avatars for MSN.
My Little Faces. Choose from various emoticon smiley parts to create your own. Once you’re done, right-click on the final image to save it.
Ruin’s Kais’ Smiley. Smiley and icon collection.
Sherv.net. Provides free MSN emoticons and display pictures.
Smiley World. Several fun activities for all ages, games, emoticon search, vote for smiley. Download wallpaper and toolbars.
Smileygenerator. Create smilies to use on bulletin boards.
Smilys by FlowerKitty. Artist collection for use on EZ Boards.

Ако иската още потърсете с Google.com, а ако имате линкове за допълване на този скромен спикък – коментарите са задължителни! 😀

AddOnsMirror.net – Emoticon Legend

deviantART.com – Category> Emoticons

All images(banners, emoticons/emotes/smileys and etc.) featured here are created and owned by their respective creators/owners. They are showed here with the sole purpose of being used by and shared with bloggers, web forumers and the majority of visitors around the Web. This so-called ‘Library of Free to Use Banners and Emoticons’ encourges the use of such images, as long as proper credit is given to the original creators. If the image`s author can`t be found/identified, the work is considered a Public Domain and therefore can be used by any means by anyone. If you happen to recognise your or others` work here, do comment, so that proper credit can be added.

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