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Currency converters online

For the latest currency conversions please use a convinient online converter like www.xe.com/ucc .

Well, I wanted to see how much does a Wacom Intuos 3 6×8 graphics tablet costs in Bulgarian leva, because the prices everywhere are in US dollars or Euro. So, here`s my correct result(not to mention my anger of being a little bit poor 😀 ):

Live rates at 2007.12.30 02:26:04 UTC

329.95 USD = 438.570 BGN

United States Dollars Bulgaria >> Leva

1 USD = 1.32920 BGN 1 BGN = 0.752332 USD

More online currency converters could be found by using a simple Google Search query .
And while we`re at it, check out unit/measurment converters .

An example free Unit Converter

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