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dA Visual film feature No.#1

Films are a relatively new but nontheless outstanding feature at deviantART.com

Although the subimission of such works(full-lenght animations and fil;s of up to/around 10 minutes) requires for you to fill in a Submission Form , even now a lof of interesting and well made works are regarded as a (r-)evolution in the art community. Today, we`ll feature just one of them – Ectype`s End by ~RhubarbZoo

Everything you need to about the >Film category, FAQ and other related questions can be found here :

Our opinion on the quality of the work:

The story, the cocept behind it, the character development and the quirky soundtrack makes this astonishing masterpiece of 2D Animation film a must-see ride for whenever you`re in need for the creative muse of change and hope!

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