Начало > разни > deviantART – devious new upgrades! :omg, coolness!:

deviantART – devious new upgrades! :omg, coolness!:

Check out the new dA hype! Good news by deviantART:
$Spyed(CEO) on deviantART reports:
Gallery v2 Launches at deviantART

Project Daylight Maintained for 3 Weeks

Upgrades Complete, Info to Know

The other usefulness around today:

80 Beautiful Typefaces For Professional Design-SmashingMagazine

Transparencies and PixelArt by ^shonegold on dA

TYPETESTER – compare fonts for the screen


16 Must-Have FireFox Add-ons(ColorZilla is also a must!)

I`m bored and stressed out, so don`t shout! 😀

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