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my online findings, part 101…

Wow, I haven`t updated this place for quite some time, so I`m doing it now with this post. Forgive my lazyness for the lack of recent updates… 😀

So, it`s about my online findings…let`s begin…

Using the good old StumbleUpon widget(extension/add-on, bleh, blah 😀 ) for my sweet FireFox browser installatio, I found

A list of Japanese Sound effects and what they mean

I`m sure you`ve encountered them while browsing through an untranslated japanese comic book – well, now you can find what some of the things mean 😀

Next, I want to FAVE an open-source FPS PC game that has infested my free time for the past hours.

Its name is Alien Arena 2007 , and along with Tremulous (another very good open-source FPS) are considered to be one of the best open-source games(example – FreeCiv).

This two reviews of the first and second mentioned games are a good starting point if you are interested in such games. (and again, Googling is your best bet for more info).

Below, I`m featuring two gameplay videos from these games(remember, the YouTube video quality looks a bit more ugly than what it is in the games itself. 😀 )

A tip for Tremulous players 😀 :

Third-person mode is cheat-protected. You can’t third-person unless the server is running Balance Mod, or if /devmap is on. In either case, you can turn it on using the console by
typing /cg_thirdPerson 1 .

So, if you`re into/interested in open-source games, here are a few useful links:

Alphabetical list of open source games

List of free first-person shooters

I also found a very good series of promo animes for a console game, called Heavenly Sword .

You can view the first episode of this short animated series here

2nd episeode, 3rd epi, 4th epi, 5ft episode viewing links…

One more thing – The HALF-LIFE 2: The Orange Box is out! Now you can enjoy the 2nd episode of HL2 as well as THE awesome mind-blowing FPS puzzle – Portal ! If you can`t afford to buy it now, then save until you can or play a Flash-based version of the game 😀 here . I also entered a cool and informative Wikia-hosted wiki about the Half-Life games!

More usefullnes(or not! 😀 ):

CSS builder !

http://filehippo.com/ – a download repository of freeware software

FlashGot extension for Mozilla FireFox – it really makes downloads faster!

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