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Maths Equatations and source code posting for users of WordPress.com blogs

Posting source code and math formulas (using the LaTeX language) is now possible for users of the free blog hosting service WordPress.com (this very blog is using that service as you already know 🙂 ). Too bad that I learned of these features too late. 😦
Here are the links to the official guides on how to use these new features (taken from the WP.com FAQ) :
Posting source code in a post or a page
How do I post source code?
Math for the masses
Can I put math or equations in my posts?
Wider issues
How to write links (no how to link correctly)
How do I get text to go around a picture?
How to write a book using a WordPress.com blog?
Image optimization for the Web (specifically for WordPress)

i\hbar\frac{\partial}{\partial t}\left|\Psi(t)\right>=H\left|\Psi(t)\right>

Here’s another editing tip: if you press Shift + Enter it gives you a single line break instead of a double one!
And there’s also a Word count right after the rich text editor! Cool! The guys at WP.com are making this service better every day! Cheers to them! 🙂

NOTE: If you want to begin a WordPress-powered blog outside of the WP.com free hosting service, begin here.

  1. talaSodaescot
    24 април 2009 в 11:21

    I’m the only one in this world. Can please someone join me in this life?


    • 5 август 2014 в 22:47

      You can find friends to help you – there are 6,8+ billion humans on Earth, so don’t despair. Sorry, if you can’t help yourself, nobody can help you – you must find a motive to keep you running and everything will come in place. Here’s a motive – you can change things but you must work to achieve it. Besides, death is not an answer to anything, just a waste of the opportunities to make a difference in reality. 😉


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