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Really cool apps & dA

I found through the beloved deviantART the following great programs(The site Rory Primrose HELPED ME A LOT):

  • Switch 1.7   – the amazing and useful desktop screen color picker I`ve been searching for!  + a great skin for it by the amazing ¢starvingartist.deviantart.com
  • Virtual CloneDrive   – it`s sometimes even better than DAEMON Tools
  • more are coming up…I just have to find some spare time(as if I don`t have any? 😀 ) to post them…

a few desktop color pickers  (select yours; make sure it`s Freeware)/the sorting is random, so 1 isn`t #1,OK? 😀 /:

1   2  3   4  5  6  7  8  9

visual styles tweaker




and many more…

Кликни и влачи за да разбереш името на цвета или избери готов от падащото меню

Oh and I also found a „Name that colour!“ web app by through DownloadSquad and the very useful etc. blog entry  [link]. And if you love colours, here`s some more totally useful sites:

  •  COLOURlovers  – the colours fighting for love and popularity

About : COLOURlovers™ is a resource that
monitors and influences color trends.
COLOURlovers gives the people who use color – whether for ad campaigns,
product design, or in architectural specification – a place to check out a
world of color, compare color palettes,
submit news and comments, and
read color related articles and interviews.

  • kuler  by Adobe Inc.

About(from Wikipedia): Adobe Kuler is an internet application from Adobe that lets people try out, create and save various color schemes. It is available in both browser-hosted variants running on Adobe Flash, and desktop versions running on the Adobe AIR runtime.

And for the end, here some comic snippets from Hugh McLeod`s gapingvoid , the famous and widely used „cartoons drawn on the back of business cards“ :

And if you`re interested in this seriously bold and funny comics, you may want to visit some of his most viewed articles :

„How To Be Creative“

„The Hughtrain“ [„The market for something to believe in is infinite“]

Personal faves

Are you still reading? If „Yes“ then why don`t you pay a visit to an interesting article, entitled color-vs-colour-the-great-spelling-battle .

For more freeware programs for my PC, I often visit http://www.softpedia.com/


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